Capstone Project

The fellows training experience will culminate in the completion of a capstone project at the end of their training experience. This capstone project must include a rigorous component of evaluation. 

Examples of possible scholarly activity include, but are not limited to, analysis of existing data marts to understand the clinical use of information systems and the consequences of changes in information systems to clinical outcomes; interventions as part of the electronic medical record the focus on improving quality of care and patient safety through multidisciplinary teams; usability testing and design improvement of health information technology interfaces for frontline clinicians; interventions using consumer health informatics to record and capture patient data and facilitate patient engagement; development of patient reported outcomes reporting tools that use patient portals and consumer health informatics to collect store and transmit data to clinicians.  In addition, the training program’s faculty has research projects supported by NIH, HHS, private foundations, industry, and international sovereign funds.  Fellows can participate in any of these activities and are encouraged to work in these areas as well.