Re-engineering the process of surgical informed consent.


Dierks MM, Sands DZ, Safran C. Re-engineering the process of surgical informed consent. Proc AMIA Symp 1999;:731-5.

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We have created a clinical performance support system that transforms surgical informed consent into an interactive process capable of evolving in response to institution-specified, provider-specified and patient-specified needs. The system functions in several capacities, including: (1) a source of standardized and comprehensive content and format the transmission of procedure-related risk and complications; (2) as expert critique, providing cues in an effort to reduce the effects of biased risk appraisal; (3) captures and archives clinician behavior relating to use, modification and disclosure of standardized knowledge sources; (4) provides just-in-time access to procedural descriptions information relating to risks and complications; (5) captures, archives and makes available to the clinician patient use of procedure-related knowledge resources. By design, the system will be used to assess the relationship between clinician perception and heuristics surrounding risk appraisal and disclosure and patient perceptions based on response to the disclosure process. The system prototype is currently being deployed in a breast surgery unit at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.