Computational Environment

BIDMC Enterprise

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center operates a enterprise-wide clinical computing systems that support almost every function of an academic medical center. Most of this system is ‘home-grown’ and has been continuously evolving since 1977.  Our electronic health record was first deployed in 1989 and has been implemented into all ambulatory settings (over 70 clinics) and inpatient settings, including critical care, neonatal ICU, and oncology/infusion. In clinical settings the electronic health record is called webOMR, is CCHIT certified system, and qualifies for meaningful use 1 and 2 by providing appropriate services for inpatient and outpatient clinical care.  The system also supports all ancillary departments with either homegrown components or vendor-supplied solutions.

 We have internal decision support rules for both inpatient and outpatient care, including medication decision support, including renal adjustments, geriatric precautions, and evidence/cost suggestions. In addition, we use vendor-supplied rules for medication prescribing and allergy checking. Our ordering system has support for test selection, and our ambulatory record has reminders and condition and physiologic-based rules. 

Patient Portal

Additionally, we provide a patient web portal called PatientSite that allows patients to connect with their record (including view, download, an transmit functionality), schedule appointments, and communicate securely with their providers. PatientSite was also created at BIDMC, and began serving our patients in 2000.

Fellows and faculty continue to innovate in the area of patient-computer dialogue, with recent projects involving online designation of advance directives, patient-generated health data, and open notes. 

Commercial Vendor EHR

Fellows will also gain experience in commercial vendor EHR's through our community and affiliated hospital centers. These EHR's include Meditech, EPIC, and Cerner.