Supporting Decision Support - 2nd Year Fellow Dr. Mujeeb Basit Detects CDS Rule Failures

November 16, 2015

At AMIA 2015, Dr. Mujeeb Basit presented his work on using data visualization to detect defects in clinical decision support rules.


Evidence suggests that CDS can improve health care quality, safety, and effectiveness1. Prior work has demonstrated multiple failures and potential harm from CDS improper executions2.

Visualization of this complex data is necessary in rapidly assessing the impact and effect of the rules execution. The visualization can be layered upon automatic methods for detecting CDS failures and identifying the key characteristics of failure.

Failures in these systems occur for various reasons including logic errors, data corruption, and poor design. Systematic design, prospective failure prediction, and retrospective results evaluation are keys to building a effective and resilient clinical decision support system. 

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